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PlayStation I ( PS1 / PSOne ) Emulators

Playstation I (PS1/PSX) Emulators: Emurayden, ePSXe, pSX Emulator, Pcsxr, AdriPSX, SSSPSX e PSXeven.

ePSXe 2.0.5 (Windows)

ePSXe is the best emulator of playstation , you will need to configure the plugins and bios (see our step by step tutorial of how to play PS1 on the PC with the ePSXe ) . The emulation on ePSXe is really good and even better than the games in their own PS1 ( PSX ) console. The ePSXe is compatible with virtually all isos games PS1 and is constantly getting new versions with many improvements . Here on roxemuladores you can download ePSXe with all the necessary plugins inserted , the emulator is almost ready for use.

Here: Download links of ePSXe

Help: Check here the tutorial on how to play PS1 PC with ePSXe

Avaliaçao: 9,6

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ePSXe 2.0.5 (Linux) and (MAC-OS)

It is the best psone emulator for Linux and MacOS , if you are looking for a PS1 emulator for Linux or MacOS has no better alternative , download ePSXe 2.0.5 . The ePSXe is paying special attention to your MacOS and Linux versions that have evolved very, reaching a level close to the windows version of the emulator

Here: Download links of ePSXe

Avaliaçao: 9,5

Emurayden 2.2

Good PlayStation emulator , its advantage is speed ie does not require much of the PC and is quite compatible , works with most games . A big plus point is that you not need be setting plugins or bios, the configuration is already done... But if you still need help to emulate PS1 with this emulator, check out our tutorial on how to play ps1 on the PC, with the emulator by clicking Emurayden on here.

Here: Download links of ePSXe

Rating: 8,7

pSX Emulator 1.13

Another great option for PS1 emulation, on Windows is one of the best emulators of Psx1 and easy configuration, download with included bios.

Here: Download links of pSX Emulator

Rating: 9,0


Good option too, is not the final version, but it's worth to download , comes with included bios, something nice about this emulator is that it is cross platform, working on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Here: Download links of Pcsxr

Rating: 8,5

AdriPSX ILE Windows 01.05

Está em estágio de desenvolvimento médio, suporte a ADPCM e CDDA.

Here: Download links of AdriPSX

Rating: 6,0

SSSPSX 0.0.34 Wip

Emulator small but not so good quality.

Here: Download links of SSSPSX

Rating: 5,5

PSXeven 0.19 Wip

Not soo good, but may receive new updates.

Rating: 5,5

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You must download the BIOS , to emulate the PlayStation 1 (PS1), set in the BIOS folder in your emulator.

scph1001 - 2.2 12.04.1995 A (America)
scph7001 - 4.1 12.16.1997 A (America)
scph5500 - 3.0 09.09.1996 J (Japan)
scph7502 - 4.1 12.16.1997 E (Europe)

Emulator PS1 ePSXe, Resident Evil 3
Emulator PS1, Final Fantasy IX

Playstation (PS1), the videogame

The origin of the PS1 (Playstation), is curious because it came from Nintendo competitor that was planning a CD-ROM expansion for the SNES, but after a disagreement, Sony decided to take the project "Play Station X" ahead, which would lead to PS1, which was a videogame released in 1994 of 5th generation and had great sales success reaching almost 105 million units sold, has a huge game collection and many games were successful as Gran Turismo, Wining Eleven, Resident Evil, the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross and many others.
In the case of emulation, the videogame is also a hit, because its emulators are excellent and free, many emulators are still in development today, some things the emulator can be better than videogame playstation , online games is something impossible in the original videogame and now we can play online with emulators, the best emulators PS1 are all free, can be downloaded for free, as we have already quoted: ePSXe, pSX Emulator, Emurayden 2.2 Pcsxr, AdriPSX, SSSPSX and PSXeven.

PS1 Plugins

Sometimes after launching the emulator, there are plugins updates, so we have a page with download PS1 plugins for Linux and Windows in their latest versions , in addition to evaluation our plugins and a tutorial on how to set up.

Here: plugins available for download

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