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PSP Emulators (PlayStation Portable)

Download PSP Emulators (Playstation Portable): JPCSP, Pcsp, Ppsspp, Potemkin e Pspe.

PPSSPP 1.2.2

No doubt that is the best emulator of PSP PPSSPP, for windows and android. After version 1.0, the PPSSPP evolved even more definitively established as best emulator for the PlayStation Portable for Windows and although its emulation in Android is not as good as is the Windows version, PPSSPP is also the best PSP emulator for Android , which gives the PPSSPP the highest score among all.

Windows version PPSSPP 1.2.2Download in uploaded

Windows versão PPSSPP 1.0.1: Download in uploaded 13,7 mb - Download in uploadable

Android PPSSPP 1.0.1: Download in uploaded 15,4 mb - Download in uploadable

View PPSSPP 1.0.1 emulator compatibility list.

Avaliaçao: 9,2

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JPCSP v0.8 3.679 e v0.7 3.262

One of the best options for Playstation Portable emulation, almost as good as PPSSPP . The PSP emulator Jpcsp is multiplatform also , in addition to Windows , MacOS and Linux emulates the 32 and 64 bits.

Latest stable version r3679

Windows 32: Download in rapidgator 15,6 mb - Download in uploaded

Windows 64: Download in rapidgator 16,0 mb - Download in uploaded

The most stable version of all v0.7 3,262 of 28/06/2013 for Linux, MacOS and Windows:

Windows 32: Download in uploaded 15,3 mb - Download in rapidgator

Windows 64: Download in uploaded 16,2 mb - Download in rapidgator

Linux 32: Download ino uploaded 15,9 mb - Download in rapidgator

Linux 64: Download in uploaded 16,2 mb - Download in rapidgator

MacOS: Download in uploaded 15,3 mb - (option 2)

Avaliaçao: 8,6

Pcsp 0.5.5

Only emulates the PSP for Windows , but is good at what it proposes to do , have good compatibility

v0.5.5: Download in uploaded 6,67 mb - Download in rapidgator

v0.5.4: Download in uploaded 6,67 mb - Download in rapidgator

Avaliaçao: 8,6


The first emulator for PSP, has lagged behind in terms of quality

 Download in 4shared  952 kb

Avaliaçao: 6,0


Another option was the second emulator available for PSP and also lagged behind in terms of quality

 Download in 4shared  428 kb

Avaliaçao: 6,0

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Playstation Portable (PSP)

PSP Playstation Portable , is a video portable game that was released by Sony in 2005, its graphics are the PS2 level. It sold over 70 million units your game higher sales was GTA Liberty City Stories, other games have made great success too as the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts , Metal Gear Solid , etc. The video game PSP successor is the PS Vita.

In emulation when it came the Jpcsp pleased many fans and had quality emulation for Windows, Linux and macos , then came the PPSSPP that surpassed the quality of emulation in Windows and also presented a version that works on Android , although it is not compatible with Linux and Macos

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