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Neo Geo, CPS1, CPS2 and CPS3 Emulators

Download of Emulators of Neo Geo and CPS: Kawaks, Nebula, NeoRage, NeoRageXP, Calice and Mame.

Kawaks 1.64 rox - special version roxemuladores

WinKawaks or simply Kawaks is the best Neo Geo emulator and it is compatible with CPSI and CPSII too, Kawaks has been receiving updates, this special roxemuladores version is already included the Kaillera to play online games and was also installed bios necessary for the operation of the emulator. Kawaks is faster and compatible with more games that NeoRage.
Any rom you have just put the roms folder located in the root folder , example: "c:\WinKawaks164_roxemuladores-com-br\roms\". Remember that the roms can not be renamed.

Versão 1.64 (1,54 mb): Download in uploaded - Alternative Download

Versão 1.62 (1,77 mb): Download in uploaded

Rating: 9,5 

Kawaks 1.64

Raw version of Kawaks without any additional included by roxemuladores.com.br.

Download 1,4mb - Download alternativo 

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MameUI64 0.159 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)

MAMEUI64 is a graphical version of MAME, MAME is the best arcade emulator, MAME / MAMEUI64 supports many arcade games and you can also use cheats to become easier to "finish" that difficult game. Unfortunately even in the graphical version of Mame (MameUI), it is still a bit complicated your setup. The first version of MAME came in 1997 since then is still alive and receiving new versions, a reputable brand. .

Download in uploaded - 17,53 mb

Rating: 9,4 

Nebula 2.25b

Almost as good as the Kawaks, but unfortunately is not receiving new versions recently. In rox version already configured with bios that comes zipped in roms folder..

versão rox 2.25b: Download - (Download link alternativo) 3,65 mb

Rating: 8,5

NeoRage 5.2a

It is the easiest to configure neo geo emulator, is very fast but unfortunately CPSI and CPSII games do not run this emulator. It's improved by third's; after EGCG announcing that NeoGeoRage would not release new versions. The emulator is now more compatible and better.

Download in mediafire 5.2a 1,4 mb

Rating: 8,0

Calice 0.6.4

A good alternative to emulation neo geo and cps. The differential is a tutorial that is included in English (CaliceTutorial.htm).

Download in 4shared  1,322 mb

Rating: 8,0


Needed to run emulators of neogeo. Let zipped in the same directory of the roms, with the name of neogeo.zip

Download bios  1,322 mb

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