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GameCube emulators for download

Game Cube emulators (Dolphin) and Nintendo Wii for Download: Dolphin, GCEmu, Dolwin, GCube, Whinecube.

Dolphin v5.0

Certainly the Dolphin is the best Game Cube emulator and Nintendo Wii, is the only one who emulates Nintendo Wii, with satisfactory quality. Download accompanies nJoy SDL plugin. It is worth you have the latest version, but it is interesting to keep the stable version.

Win64 (x64) v5.0: (Download in Uplodaded) - (Download alternativo)

Win32 (x86) v5.0: Not received version 5.0 for Windows 32-bit yet.

If ocurr any error in your Dolphin x64 try to download these dll´s.

MAC OS X v5.0: (Download)

Rating: 9,5

other stable releases:

Win32 (x86) v4.0:  (Download in Uplodaded) - (Download Uploadable)

Win32 (x86) v4.0: (Download in Uplodaded) - (Download Uploadable)

MAC OS X v4.0: (Download in Uplodaded) - (Download Uploadable)

old versions:

Windows 32: Download in uploaded v3.5 (x32)

Windows 64: Download in uploaded v3.5 (x64)

MAC OS X: Download in uploadded v3.5

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Emulator Dolphin of Game Cube and Nintendo Wii


It is the 2nd Best Gamecube emulator, it is good to have more than one emulator to try to get the maximum possible compatibility. Even being the second best game cube emulator.

Download - Download alternativo

Avaliaçao: 6,5

Dolwin 0.10

A gamecube emulator option, but that does not run commercial games yet, and that was apparently discontinued, have open source code.

Download 743 kb

Avaliaçao: 5,0

GCube 0.4

Worked in very few games and was completely discontinued, developer's website do not exists anymore.

Download (desculpe estamos sem opção de download no momento)

Avaliaçao: 4,0

Whinecube r7

This emulator unfortunately has been discontinued, but had its source code available on the Internet, perhaps a new version does not come?

Download  482 kb

Avaliaçao: 5,0


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