emulador de ps2 pcsx2, jogo resident evil 4

O PCSX2 emulates fine 95% of games

Emulators of PS2

See our assessment of pxsx2 and other emulators Playstation 2, download and learn how to set them up with tutorials.

ps1 epsxe emulator, jogo Chrono Cross

Perfect emulation with ePSXe

Emulators of PS1

ePSXe, Emurayden, pSX Emulator are the best emulators of PS1. Tutorials, download for windows, linux, macos and android.

Emulator of N64, Project 64, Mario 64

Project 64, superior graphics to the N64.

Project 64, 1964 e Mupen64k are the best in N64 emulation. Here you find downloads with e evaluation of N64 emulators.


Emulators and emulaion :
Emulation is the act of simulating , emulators simulate the behavior of a specific hardware in the case of video games, for example, the project 64 and Mupen64k emulator simulate the nintendo 64, ePSXe and Emurayden simulate the playstation, Snes9x , Znes and bsnes super nintendo and so on. Here on Roxemuladores you will find the best video game emulators for download, to Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Games (Isos e Roms) :
The extracted cartridges, and CDs images (or DVDs ) of video games, are called respectively of: ROMS and ISOS. With a ROM or ISO/CD/DVD and an emulator you can play the video game on PC with superior quality to own video game. But cation with to the copyright laws, on Brazil for example , you can only have a rom if you own the original game. Law 9609/98 § 3 Art . 6

Emulated video games:
Nintendo 64 (N64), Super nintendo (snes), Game boy advance (GBA), G.B.Color (GBC), Nintendo DS, Nintendinho(Nes), Dolphin(game cube) and Wii of nintendo; Playstation 2 and play 1 (PS2 e PS1), PSP (Playstation Portable) of Sony; Mega drive, Genesis, 32x, Sega CD and Dreamcast of Sega, and: Neo geo, X-box, Saturno, and others.

Learn with tutorials how to emulate with ePSXe , Emurayden , project 64 and other emulators . Learn how to download the Bitshare , uploaded , uplodable , rapidgator and other tutorials.